GaryCon XVI 2024 Events

A placeholder for the upcoming events I’ll be running at GaryCon XVI on March 21-24, 2024 in Lake Geneva, WI.

This year I’ll be running three events with two sessions each, i.e. it’s a three-part adventure, with each session building on the last but you can play any one of the three as they are all self-contained adventures.

Why this format?

I was a fan of the RPGA back in the mid-to-late 90s (I lost my original card, but I did find my DCI online version), and their “Classic” adventure format. The classic format was set to run in a four-hour format with pre-gens provided. Each character had a short blurb about their relationships with each of the other characters, hopefully relating them in a meaningful manner. At the end of the session, there was a voting system where each player would rank the other players, with the winner receiving convention points.

This format differed from the “Living” campaigns (Living City in the Forgotten Realms, Masque of the Red Death a gothic/Ravenloft setting, Virtual Seattle a Shadowrun campaign, etc.,) where you played the same character from convention to convention.


I’ll be posting weekly design updates including:

  • Pre-gens
  • Some maps
  • Terrain building
  • Miniatures

You can join in on the commentary here or on Facebook.

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