GaryCon XVI 2024 Events

A placeholder for the upcoming events I’ll be running at GaryCon XVI on March 21-24, 2024 in Lake Geneva, WI.

This year I’ll be running three events with two sessions each, i.e. it’s a three-part adventure, with each session building on the last but you can play any one of the three as they are all self-contained adventures.

Why this format?

I was a fan of the RPGA back in the mid-to-late 90s (I lost my original card, but I did find my DCI online version), and their “Classic” adventure format. The classic format was set to run in a four-hour format with pre-gens provided. Each character had a short blurb about their relationships with each of the other characters, hopefully relating them in a meaningful manner. At the end of the session, there was a voting system where each player would rank the other players, with the winner receiving convention points.

This format differed from the “Living” campaigns (Living City in the Forgotten Realms, Masque of the Red Death a gothic/Ravenloft setting, Virtual Seattle a Shadowrun campaign, etc.,) where you played the same character from convention to convention.


I’ll be posting weekly design updates including:

  • Pre-gens
  • Some maps
  • Terrain building
  • Miniatures

You can join in on the commentary here or on Facebook.

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Ghost of Saltmarsh – Maps for VTT use

Disclaimer – most links to products are leveraging an affiliate program that will result in Natural Twenty Games receiving a small percentage fee. Thanks for your support!

While I love the throwback maps of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, when you’re running VTT software, they just don’t pack the same punch for players or for the DM. Here are a few maps from the first few chapters of the adventure.

I used Dungeondraft and some art packs from Two-Minute Tabletop. I can’t recommend either of these vendors enough. Top-notch software and great quality as well.

Ghosts of Saltmarsh – First Floor – House (34434 downloads )

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NewGameAPalooza 2021 – Natural Twenty Games Events

Information will be posted soon but Natural Twenty Games will be running games all weekend at the NewGameAPalooza 2021.

Bookmark this page or follow/like Natural Twenty Games Facebook page.

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Raid the Basement – Intro

I’ve got a lot of gaming stuff. That’s not a brag or a boast. It’s the accumulation of years and years of impulse buying (ADHD), fear of missing out (FOMO), supporting major and/or independent creators, a lot of GenCon’s, and maybe a touch of hoarding tendencies.

I am starting to inventory everything to get ready for a purge and as I do I’m going to post weekly characters or sessions from some of my old games. In reality, I’ve only run a handful of these games so I don’t have a lot of memories of playing them but oh the hours of fun I had making characters or just thinking about running them.

The first game on the list will be Gamma World 2e.

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Six, level 3, 5e pregens from Whispers in the Dark

Here are the six, level 3, 5e pregenerated characters used for the Whispers in the Dark convention. They were all created using D&D Beyond (I’m a sucker for tools) and use Larry Elmore’s Character Art pack.

Download “Six, Level 3, 5e Pregens from Whispers in the Dark” – Downloaded 55416 times –
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Whispers in the Dark 5e Recap from NewGameAPalooza

This last weekend (10/5/2019) I ran a convention game. It’s been years since I’ve run a game at a convention and most of the time I was either running Living Greyhawk (yes, I’m aging myself), Pathfinder Organized Play, or Adventurer League for 5e.

This time I decided to run a homebrew scenario that’s been bouncing around my head for at least ten (10) years. It’s got a Halloween theme and since the convention was in early October I thought I might as well put it together and see if folks like it. It’s not ready for publishing yet but I’m working on it!

Thanks to the outstanding table that attended. We had a brand-new player who seemed to have a great time and the table accommodated her. Again, many thanks, players!

Running Whispers in the Dark session at NewGameapalooza 2019.
Quite the range of players, veterans (Leo – taking the pic), high-schooler and guys from college, and a brand-new player, flanked by mom!
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NewGameAPalooza 2019

Natural Twenty Games will be running events at NewGameAPalooza 2019 coming up in early October (4th – 6th).

The following games will be run (time slots are still TBD)

Whispers in the Dark

Autumn approaches and in the small village of Chatham preparations for the Festival of the Twelve are well underway.  The harvest was bountiful this year and there is a rumor that the mayor has hired a troupe of mummers!

A D&D 5e adventure with pre-generated characters.

Chatham and surrounds
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Adventures in Middle-Earth for 5e – Two great tastes that go great together

Cubicle 7’s Adventures in Middle-Earth™ RPG line, supported by Dungeons and Dragons 5e, is, in my opinion, one of the most seamless combinations of a rules system supporting a fictional setting I’ve had the pleasure of reading and running.  First, some background on myself and my love/hate relationship over the years with Middle-Earth based RPGs.

My first exposure to Middle-Earth was listening to an early audiobook version of The Hobbit on a 45 record (I think I still have that down the basement somewhere.  Note to self – look for it later) and then seeing The Hobbit cartoon movie by Rankin/Bass around 1980 or so. 

A couple years later I remember going over friends house to play The Hobbit computer game on his Commodore 64.  At twelve years old, I hadn’t read the books yet.  They weren’t above my reading capability but the length of the book more than likely intimidated me.

During that same time frame, I got exposed to Basic Dungeons & Dragons (BD&D)by a kid in my Lutheran Catechism class – irony at its finest.  Fast forward a couple more years, we’re talking 1984, and while hanging out at the mall and perusing Waldenbooks I remember seeing, and buying the Middle-Earth Roleplaying Game (MERP) by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE).  For some reason, I didn’t get into Rolemaster (RM) but this scaled-down version of RM, had some really neat art, awesome maps, and seemed a little more streamlined than the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) I was graduating to from BD&D.  Note 1 – I still hadn’t read The Hobbit or any of The Lord of the Rings (LotR) trilogy.

MERP’s character creation system took a long time, had a lot of options (even for a pared-back version of RM) but those options did make you think about the background of your character, make some plausible connections to “why am I adventuring” and you were ready to become a hero in Middle-Earth.  Note 2 – I then started to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Full stop.  In my mind, I couldn’t connect the MERP rules to The Hobbit or LotR fiction.  I totally get that a game isn’t a piece of written fiction or vice versa.  Two different mediums with a different outcome but they were so divergent.  This isn’t a bad reflection on MERP.  In and of itself it’s a great system but just not for The Hobbit or LotR.  Even AD&D didn’t really emulate the feel of the fiction.  Magic was just too prevalent in both MERP and AD&D and I wasn’t enough of a system tinkerer to take the magic out of either game and end up with something recognizable.

Fast forward seventeen (17) years to 2001 and The Lord of the Rings movies come out.  I re-listen (at this point I’m an Audible subscriber) to all of the books and hear rumblings at GenCon of a LotR RPG coming out.  Shortly after the first movie is released The Lord of the Rings RPG comes out by Decipher.  It’s got a great system, CODA, that emulates the “feel” of Middle-Earth.  It’s got great art, well, a lot of shots from the movies, and it’s well laid out, but I’ve got no one in my group that’ll play it.  I collect all of the material as it comes out but it sits unused for years in my library.

Years pass.  2011 hits and The One Ring by Cubicle 7 is released, and the next year The Hobbit movie hits the big screen.  Again, I’ve bought all of the material and it sits on my shelf because game time is really limited and trying out new games is not something that my group is really into, i.e. if we’re going to play, let’s play the campaign that we’ve been on for the last year or so.

2016 rolls around.  We’ve been playing 5e now for a while and Pathfinder has fallen by the wayside…it got too complex for my tastes although we loved quite a few of the Adventure Paths.  I’m not as much into as I used to be but I see some rumblings on a One Ring 5e conversion by Crucible 7.  Hmm, another version of a game I’ve bought multiple iterations of.

Continued in Part 2 – coming next week.

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A great, college-town, convention in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley.  Three days of fun for $20.00.  Make sure to check it out.

Natural Twenty Games will be there running events on Saturday (and maybe Sunday).

More info to follow…

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Gamehole Con – November 8-11 2018 – Madison WI

 Gamehole Con 6 is coming up soon.  I attended last year and it was packed full of gaming goodness.  Like most Wisconsin conventions you’ll find a lot of the old guard from TSR days running and playing in games.  Last year Ed Greenwood, of Forgotten Realms fame, was there as well.

While the convention is getting bigger, it was well run and organized and still had that small con feel but offered enough gaming for anyone.

I’ll be running some games there this year so make sure to look forward to updates on this site an on Facebook.

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