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My name is Greg Volz. I’m a lifelong Wisconsin resident. I started my gaming experience back in 1982 in North Fond du Lac, WI in my Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) Catechism class at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Yes, during the Satanic Panic years my friend, Keith Fenske, let me borrow his friend’s copy of the Tom Moldvay 1981 Basic Rulebook (Erol Otus cover) – image below is to DriveThruRPG.com and has an affiliate link (to me)

The book was a perfect size to fit in my catechism workbook. I was hooked.

Keith and I lived not too far apart but it was a different time as going over to a friend’s house during a school night just wasn’t done. Plus he lived on a somewhat rural road without a lot of bike lanes. Note – I just Google Mapped the location. It was just under a mile away. Looking back it seemed like it was so far away. I should have gone over there more.

Anyway, we played over the phone, which annoyed my dad to no end as I’d tie up the phone line and stretch the phone cord to the dining room table (I’m aging myself with these statements but kids, Google it and you’ll see what phones looked like in 1982).

Fast forward to today and I’ve got about 40 years continual gaming experience and a basement full of far too much gaming stuff that I hope to get to play or run before I die (morbid I know).

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