Mass Combat for 5e

I was just looking through my PDF’s last night – 2/21/2017  (side note – I have, let’s say, a metric ton of gaming stuff – hundreds of rpg manuals, modules, accessories, etc.  Hundreds of unpainted, still in the blisterpack, miniatures for a wide variety of game with most being out of print or multiple editions old.  I’m starting an inventory and organization project in my basement because, well, because I need to:)) and I ran across Battlesystem 2 from TSR which was focused on large scale combat for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition.  I started to re-read Battlesystem 2 and do some rough conversions in my head for 5e because I’ve got a new group of players, only one whose played any edition of D&D before, and I wanted to kick-off the campaign with a large scale battle.


Each player in the campaign will get one (1) level of Fighter and  the Soldier background in addition to their normal class and background, i.e. they will effectively be starting as multi-class characters because they joined/were conscripted/or were forced to join a mercenary company…but I digress.


This morning I log into the Wizard’s site and in Unearthed Arcana there is an article for 5e for mass combat!   It’s a sign:).

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