Raid the Basement – Gamma World

Rummaging through the basement this week I’ve chosen Gamma World 2e. This is a quick character for Gamma World 2e. Following the character creation rules, I pulled out the dice and present – Brother Bob, a villain for use in your Gamma World campaign.

Brother Bob appears close to a pure strain human but his normal appearance hides a rather devious set of mutations that he’s used for some definitely immoral actions. He wanders the wasteland in search of newborn or infant, mutant humanoids, usually at night time where he can make full use of his infravision. When he finds one, he’ll kidnap the youngster, and when a safe distance away he’ll use his withering hand’s ability to quickly age them into an adolescent and imparts them with knowledge from a device he found that was meant for quickly training soldiers from the time before thus adding another recruit to Brother Bob’s band of “followers”.

Name: X Bob

Type: Humanoid

Rank: 1

Status Points


MS:  14

IN:  14

DX:  9

PS:  13

CH:  9

CN:  12

Armor Class:

Hit Point Score:  48

Current Hit Points: 48

  • Physical Mutations
    • Infravision
    • Hands of Power: Withering Hands – causes the victim to age 1d10 years
  • Mental Mutations
    • Genius Capability x2
      • Economic Genius (3x normal value in gold for items he sells)
      • Mechanical Genius (+4 to die rolls when trying to figure out an artifact)
  • Defects
    • Fear Impulse (D) – Fear of Mutant Cockroaches

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