Making guys.  It’s what I’ve called it forever.  I sometimes think I have more fun doing that at times than I do actually playing.  For one thing it’s a solo activity that I don’t need to have anyone else participate in.  No schedules to interfere with and I can make one character or ten at my own pace.  The use of character generation software like Hero Lab makes it a breeze – SIDE NOTE:  I’ve become too lazy in my advancing age.  If a system doesn’t have a character generator I’m less likely to play or run that game.

I’m going to start a character download library within the next few days.  It should be fun.

2 Responses to When I don’t play or run games I make characters. Is that weird?

  • Naith Ungoal says:

    That’s perfectly reasonable, and exactly what I do in my spare time.

  • Naith Ungoal says:

    I’d say that’s completely reasonable seeing as though that’s exactly what I do in my spare time. I usually have them as backups for others, or in case a friend wants to run a campaign.

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